Telling Stories,Touching lives

Good evening sir, my name is Aloy, I am the Chairman of the place you came to speak last week. I was the person that sent them to give you water when you were preaching.... I want to thank u Sir. Some few weeks before u came, I made up my mind not to go to Church again because, I know people who do not go to Church and their biz is doing very well. Then u appeared out of no where and started talking to me. I was took shock, so I asked my workers if any of them know you? I would have accused the person that he or she hired u to talk to me. My wife will want to meet u because I went to Church very happy yesterday. Pls let us know when your tape is out like u promised. Thank u and God bless.


1st of October, 2016, we reluctantly went out for Project Light assignment. Reluctantly, because, it was a work free day, being the Independent Anniversary of our Country Nigeria. Getting to our chosen location, (Shadiga Market in Ifako-Ijaiye) Local Government Area of Lagos State, we held the seminar, Monday through Friday.

At the end of our seminar on Friday, this gentleman, walked up to me and asked, if he could have a chat? He pleaded that I should accompany him to his shop in the market. That I also obliged him. When we got to his shop, he began to sob, then wailing took over. He told me how he lost all he had in business.

He narrated to me, how he came to his shop on the 1st of October, 2016, just to cry because, he already made up his mind to commit suicide, on the 2nd of October. He said, he was crying especially for his wife, who was seven month pregnant, then he heard my voice. He said, I started talking to him, about him and his situation. He said, he was too scared because, he thought, I wasn't a human being. Anyway, long story short, Mr Gabriel is still alive, and his wife has delivered, a beautiful baby girl. Just because, we accepted to go.