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We didn’t notice her because she wasn’t visible to us from where we stood. But after our talks on the very first day, she approached us blazing with questions; “Who are you? These things you teaching are they free?” Before we could reply, she fired more questions. We began to laugh and managed to ask her to calm down. We tried answering her questions to the best of our abilities and that brought some very visible reliefs to her face. She is gone through some unprintable ordeals yet she chose the higher grounds. She had absolutely no idea of who we are, what we do or represent but reacted excellently well to what we were conveying or trying to convey through our talks. By the second and third day, she had questions for us on each topic as usual. When we told her on the third day that she has qualified for Project10000 grant, she asked what it meant. I explained it to her; she said she does not have ten thousand Naira. I told her that we will be giving her ten thousand. She asked, why? I said to her that’s what we do as an Organization so she could use it to support her trade then she got very emotional with loads of gratitude. Are you going to give me ten thousand Naira…… Just like that? Yes just like that was our reply.

The things she shared with us in confidence we can’t share but more than anything else, we are glad and grateful to meet such a resilient young lady.

When we announced her to the market, others wanted the grant too. We told them that we look forward to increasing the number of recipient as God helps us.

Partners, Ladies and Gentlemen, please meet Onyema Ifeyinwa Jacinta recipient, Project10000 grant

Thank You Partner

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