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Tunde Ahmadu Jeremiah is our first male  grant recipient. A multitalented young man,  Tunde (aka Jenny) is a musician, hairstylist, and beautician who lost everything during the Abule Egba fire incident in December 2018. Instead of giving up, he set up a shack where he continued to carry out his trade. But just this week, he made up his mind to discontinue because none of his customers would want to patronize him anymore in such an open and unkempt space. Then Project Light came to his location and right from the first day we set up, his willingness to listen to us caught our attention.
Instead of throwing in the towel as previously planned, he decided to continue to come so he could hear us. According to him, he got so re energized hearing us that he vowed never to quit. He called us on the phone to express his heartfelt appreciation that an Organization such as Project Light exist and that he believed God sent us to the particular location just because of him.
Two days later, we announced to the whole market that Mr. Tunde Ahamdu Jeremiah, has been selected to receive Project Light =N=10000 grant to support his business. Emotions ran very high, I have never seen ten thousand naira so valued and appreciated.
Partners, Ladies and Gentlemen, we introduce to you, Mr. Tunde Ahmdu Jeremiah, the recipient of Project10000 grant.
Thank you so much Partners.

Project Light…..Empowering People, Enriching Nations.

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